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Wow, I love how unique this character is! too many people create very predictable, over-used species, and I love how you really went al...

wow, what a difference from the first! i have to say, you've made a huge improvement here! the difference in tone of the diamonds at th...

by In3ity

goodness, this pice is dizzying! i love the slow, and the detail and textures, and how you split the image with not a simple line, but ...

alrighty-- i really love the text that you used on the board, as it gives the design a great, edgy feel. however, the skull sort of bre...



5UNNYR4Y3 has started a donation pool!
104 / 150

it would be nice to get enough for a premium membership, but i don't think that will happen....maybe just some so i could buy stuff for friends' bdays on here or something??

i'm up for commissions, too!!! i'll be cheap ^^

cleaned sketch: 5 pts
cleaned sketch with flat color: 7pts
lineart style (the awesomeness pentool on PS ^^): 6 pts
lineart style with flat color-8pts
lineart with color and full shading: 10pts (head)
full color and shading with full body shot: 13 pts
full color/shading/body shot in complex pose ^^ 14pts

all of the above is for one character with simple gradient background.

3pts for each extra character added,
5pts for more complex background...plz list what background you want. i'll see what i can do with it :3

any questions--especially if something above wasn't very clear---feel free to ask!

points for commissions put in donation box, obviously. that will be the main function of this....

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Alex felt the rumbling through the door as the handle turned. His heart was slamming in his chest, demanding an explanation. Why would he agree to trust this… being… enough to not kill him or maim him as soon as the door was opened? He scuttled back a few extra feet (which only succeeded in getting him 6 inches further from the door) and landed backwards on his behind for his troubles.

That’s how Celeste came to find him when the door was open; sitting on the tile, looking pale and shaken, and probably more bruised than before. He swallowed shakily. She was still so close. And her gaze was far too familiar, like high school all over again, only this time, she was the one towering over him. It was eerie.

The woman claiming to be Celeste settled back on her heels, her knees bent and feet tucked beneath her.

“Are…. Are you ok, Alex?” She sounded absurdly shaken for someone in such a position of power. Alex’s fear came at him again in a wave; he hated sitting on the floor though, giving Celeste any more height over him than she already had, and he stood on shaky legs with his hands quivering to keep him balanced.

“No, I am not ok! It’s been five years… what the hell is going on?? Why on earth would I trust you—it shouldn’t even be possible for you to be here!” Alex’s yelling surprised Celeste, and she lifted her hands, palms out, like she was trying to comfort someone. Alex flinched backwards, and her hands dropped again. She looked over her shoulder at Neilson, but David was just standing on the counter, with his arms crossed tightly over his chest, watching. So she plunged on ahead.

“I don’t suppose you remember the IBA…” She searched Alex’s face for any recognition, but his features were too small to determine for sure. Damn, it was hard to read his face. Except for the fear; that was always horribly apparent. “I was basically drafted for the agency out of high school. You might remember the ceremony…. Anyway,” (Why the hell did I say that? ) “The Bureau was following the kidnappings, and then agent Neilson was taken—“ Here she motioned to the man on the counter—“and they implemented a really risky plan for retrieval; the injections for rapid growth and cell division wasn’t tested on humans very well. But… I messed up. I wasn’t supposed to get anyone else. The success of this was going to determine if more rescues would be attempted.”

 Alex took a moment to process what this meant, all while staring at the floor. But when he looked up again, he looked hurt, and angry.

“Are you saying that… if it wasn’t for an agent being kidnapped… that everyone that was taken would still be here?” His voice shook; he was livid. “Why don’t you just dump me back at that pet store, huh? No point in keeping me now! Right? If it hurts your mission!”

Celeste stared at him. But she’d had enough of this tiptoeing around, and trying to speak differently to him because of his situation. If he were of normal size, she would have put her hand on his shoulder, stared him in the eyes, and explained the situation to him calmly. But that was just too impossible right now, so she did what she could.

Without warning, Celeste extended her arms, pushed her feet out behind her, and lowered herself to her stomach, directly in front of Alex. His heart was scrambling up his throat and his stomach was in his toes. Her face was way too close. He felt exposed, but found himself unable to walk backwards and distance himself. She leveled her gaze with his, and it was like he couldn’t see anything except her eyes. She spoke to him then, in such a quiet, and rather calming voice that he doubted that even David could hear her. He could feel the vibration of her voice through the floor. The effect made him wonder if this was what it felt like to be hypnotized with one of this swinging pocket watches.

“I rescued you for that shop, Alex; despite the limit for new shoppers, and everything else.  And I’m not going to let them have you back. We’re all going to get out of here, and that is a promise.”

Alex was speechless. His knees buckled a little, and he stumbled backwards, but Celeste’s hand was right there to catch him. He hadn’t even seen her move. He stared up at her in shock.

“Swear it?”

“Swear it.”

She eased her hand from his back so that he would fall over, and slowly straightened back up to give him his space.

“Now… I’m guessing you don’t want to be on the floor anymore?”

Alex realized what she was saying just as he saw her hand in front of him, palm up. He swallowed, the gulp of anxiety getting lodged in his throat. She was giving him the choice, and it was something that he was definitely not used to. At his normal size, he had never worried about anything where his choice would be question; he was a young man, and athletic. But the sudden removal of his free will had broken him. And now, Celeste was giving it back, in a way. With a deep breath, he climbed on to her hand.

This time, the experience felt very different for the both of them. Alex was far more aware of Celeste’s pulse through her hand, but he was sitting up, and with his back straight while he balanced. Celeste’s finger curved up a little bit out of reflex, but she tried to give Alex as much space as she could while walking him back to the counter. He climbed off and cast a wary look at Agent David Neilson.

David reciprocated.

Alex frowned, and keeping one eye on David, spoke to Celeste.

“You said that you got me out of that… pet shop… despite limits for new owners. How exactly did you get me out?”

“Maybe you don’t remember everything… you were kind of out of it when we got you out. Don’t you remember who carried you out of the pet sto---“ Celeste stopped mid-sentence and stiffened, her eyes widening in realization.

Alex looked as pale as a sheet when he remembered the young face that had stared at him through his cage at the shop. His eyes met Celeste’s just as a very, very soft knock sounded from the outside of the hotel door.

David regarded them both from his spot on the counter, with his arms cross. “Yeah… I was wondering when you two would remember that.”

Mission Minor Complication 8
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:… 
Chapter 8: You're here!
Chapter 9: Coming soon!

Ok, so things are a little less tense now... BUT AREN'T WE ALL FORGETTING SOMEONE??
*Dramatic music plays*

We're getting on the last legs of the story, guys. It was always a battle for me to figure out how to wrap up my loose ends. But we're so close!
There will be, at max, 4 or 5 more chapter left, and that's if they're all the length of the one above.
If I keep them as long as chapter 7, well be finished in about 3 more posts.
Hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Thank you for your support <3
With all new craziness, emotions... 
Yeah, I'm too tired to type; I have to work tomorrow xD
Anywho, I have the new chapter all typed, I swear; DA just isn't letting me submit it (grrrrrr). I hope I can get it up soon!
Thank you for all the support for the story, even while I was gone from DA.
Love you all, muches! <3

In other news, it looks like I have a great year ahead, and I hope my forecast is right.
After two years in a row ending in tears, a change of pace would be lovely. I've lost some friends, and gained others, and even made up with two of them, which was great. It's like history is repeating, but with several exception, and with a much better outcome. Is it the difference in age and time, or something else? I have no idea. But I'm in a happy mood, and I feel de-stressed and accomplished, so I won't over-think it for now. Honestly, there are still a few people I would like to apologize to... but I have no idea what the waters are like right now. I know longer feel like I want to clear the air, but rather to make it known that I'm sorry, I guess. Ah, well, time goes on, life goes on, and I am excited for the fall semester!

Things are looking up, and you can bet your bottom dollar that my writing will reflect that :)
See you in the comments!
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