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Mission Minor Complication 8
Alex felt the rumbling through the door as the handle turned. His heart was slamming in his chest, demanding an explanation. Why would he agree to trust this… being… enough to not kill him or maim him as soon as the door was opened? He scuttled back a few extra feet (which only succeeded in getting him 6 inches further from the door) and landed backwards on his behind for his troubles.
That’s how Celeste came to find him when the door was open; sitting on the tile, looking pale and shaken, and probably more bruised than before. He swallowed shakily. She was still so close. And her gaze was far too familiar, like high school all over again, only this time, she was the one towering over him. It was eerie.
The woman claiming to be Celeste settled back on her heels, her knees bent and feet tucked beneath her.
“Are…. Are you ok, Alex?” She sounded absurdly shaken for someone in such a position of power. Alex’s fear came at him again in a wave
:icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 7 3
Mission Minor Complication 7
Celeste didn't even have time to celebrate being remembered as her shy, younger self; there was a little man on the table who had just lost his marbles from this new information.
“Are you SHITTING ME? Are you out of your MIND AGENT LATIFF?!” Senior Agent David Neilson was no longer sitting, oh no; somehow, even with his size he still managed to sound intimidating. Celeste actually flinched, and she just knew Alex did, too.
“Wait David, just hold on—“ but Neilson just went on like he hadn’t been interrupted, and he didn't take too kindly to being called by his first name, under the circumstances. It was almost like Celeste was back at the bureau again.
“You adopted the extra human because you KNOW HIM? What, did you have some sort of fucking fling together, back in the day? ZIP IT! I don’t care if the two of you were engaged—there is no excuse for your emotions and your past impeding on your work like this! And taking so long
:icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 5
Fists and Embers by 5UNNYR4Y3 Fists and Embers :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 0 For every slenderman .... by 5UNNYR4Y3 For every slenderman .... :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 4 1 Poisoned Hip Hop by 5UNNYR4Y3 Poisoned Hip Hop :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 0
The bright, claustrophobic str
The bright, claustrophobic streets of the town made Natalie smile. Everything was fast-paced, crazy, noisy, your heart beating in your ears as car horns blare past, so close you could reach out with your elbow still bent, and touch metal. Natalie took it all in stride. This was her world, her place in life, from a small town girl, to a woman in the big city as of five years ago. Natalie’s mother often complained that she didn’t have more connections in her new home, but the less social life fit Natalie more, anyway. She preferred to read, and write, and be productive, more than anything else. She always winced as she passed the obnoxious noise of the local bars, and the slurred speech at midnight each night. What kind of appeal could that possibly hold for people?
There was a commotion up ahead. It wasn’t the usual sounds of the city, but a desperate squealing of tires and stunned yelling. Natalie heard a shout:
“The kid just came out of no where!”
The dar
:icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 0 0
Show Me Your Childhood
I wonder when it all changed….
When did you fall?
When did you say
That the world wasn’t full of happy days
And bright sunlight?
I wish I could have seen you then.
A child, so carefree
And happy to be
In this world of your making and whimsy.
But the world shifts, and continues to turn
And you shifted with it,
To morph and survive
Scarred and burned by this new life
Of responsibility and pain.
The fantasy left you; an imagination
Left on the other side,
In the rain, to shun
This reality called life.
But I will reach out to you through the dark;
I can help you through it all
If you will take my hand.
I reach, though you can't see.
Together, we could change it all.
together, we could survive this world
and bring back the sun
in which we strive to be.
I want to see you as your childhood self
So full of innocent smiles and
such bright laughter, so happy and carefree.
But this time, perhaps, might it be?
That for a moment, beside you,
With you, will be me.
:icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 1 3
Something Creepy RP
It has been rumored that something rather odd might be in the old, unfinished library in your town.
The library was in the middle of construction (and almost finished) when it was suddenly abandoned as a project. Apparently, funds didn't cover the rest of the building.
Choose any of the following
1. You were dared by friends to stay one night in the abandoned building! (ghost story-ish)
2. You are curious and go alone, of your own accord (Sci-fi character encounter)
3. You, and a friend visit the library! (something very creepy is in that library!!!!)
:icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 0 30
Ms. Bingley Pride and Prejudice by 5UNNYR4Y3 Ms. Bingley Pride and Prejudice :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 4 Meenah Peixes Swimmer Down by 5UNNYR4Y3 Meenah Peixes Swimmer Down :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 8 2 Homestuck sketchdump by 5UNNYR4Y3 Homestuck sketchdump :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 1 8 Can You Hear It? by 5UNNYR4Y3 Can You Hear It? :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 5 Altered book 2: Epic Neon Flight by 5UNNYR4Y3 Altered book 2: Epic Neon Flight :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 2 Weeping angels Playing Card Scratch art: Joker by 5UNNYR4Y3 Weeping angels Playing Card Scratch art: Joker :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 3 2 Altered Book 1: Rolling River by 5UNNYR4Y3 Altered Book 1: Rolling River :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 1 0 Colin Morgan Inked Patterns Project by 5UNNYR4Y3 Colin Morgan Inked Patterns Project :icon5unnyr4y3:5UNNYR4Y3 5 1


wow, what a difference from the first! i have to say, you've made a huge improvement here! the difference in tone of the diamonds at th...

by In3ity

goodness, this pice is dizzying! i love the slow, and the detail and textures, and how you split the image with not a simple line, but ...

alrighty-- i really love the text that you used on the board, as it gives the design a great, edgy feel. however, the skull sort of bre...

beautiful eyes! and you did a good job with his nose (i can't do realistic noses -_-) great definition and highlight. it looks really r...


5UNNYR4Y3 has started a donation pool!
104 / 150

it would be nice to get enough for a premium membership, but i don't think that will happen....maybe just some so i could buy stuff for friends' bdays on here or something??

i'm up for commissions, too!!! i'll be cheap ^^

cleaned sketch: 5 pts
cleaned sketch with flat color: 7pts
lineart style (the awesomeness pentool on PS ^^): 6 pts
lineart style with flat color-8pts
lineart with color and full shading: 10pts (head)
full color and shading with full body shot: 13 pts
full color/shading/body shot in complex pose ^^ 14pts

all of the above is for one character with simple gradient background.

3pts for each extra character added,
5pts for more complex background...plz list what background you want. i'll see what i can do with it :3

any questions--especially if something above wasn't very clear---feel free to ask!

points for commissions put in donation box, obviously. that will be the main function of this....

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With all new craziness, emotions... 
Yeah, I'm too tired to type; I have to work tomorrow xD
Anywho, I have the new chapter all typed, I swear; DA just isn't letting me submit it (grrrrrr). I hope I can get it up soon!
Thank you for all the support for the story, even while I was gone from DA.
Love you all, muches! <3

In other news, it looks like I have a great year ahead, and I hope my forecast is right.
After two years in a row ending in tears, a change of pace would be lovely. I've lost some friends, and gained others, and even made up with two of them, which was great. It's like history is repeating, but with several exception, and with a much better outcome. Is it the difference in age and time, or something else? I have no idea. But I'm in a happy mood, and I feel de-stressed and accomplished, so I won't over-think it for now. Honestly, there are still a few people I would like to apologize to... but I have no idea what the waters are like right now. I know longer feel like I want to clear the air, but rather to make it known that I'm sorry, I guess. Ah, well, time goes on, life goes on, and I am excited for the fall semester!

Things are looking up, and you can bet your bottom dollar that my writing will reflect that :)
See you in the comments!

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